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  • In Our Hands, Lies the Power to Share

    Nemz Huele Abiday

    PNASLI officers
    PNASLI officers

    The dream of every Filipino sign language interpreter to be unified as one institution and be recognized all over the world has been achieved when the Philippine National Association of Sign Language Interpreters (PNASLI) was founded and established on May 21, 2011. This great endeavor is a collaborative effort among all Filipino sign language interpreters in the country spearheaded by MR. ALFREDO D. CELADA JR., CEO of the Philippine Association of Interpreters For Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE). Mr. Celada together with May Andrada, Michael Potian, Natividad Natividad, Remberto Esposa, Jr. and Rossana Villanueva initiated the process of establishing PNASLI by calling for assemblies, convention meetings and the election of officers/board members which made Mr. Celada the first PNASLI President. The other members of the board are: May Andrada, Febe Sevilla, Marie Therese Bustos, Joy Cristal, Ma. Veronica Perez, Natividad Natividad, Remberto Esposa, Jr., Julius Andrada, Rey Alfred Lee, Leonides Sulse, Arturo Abrera, Jr. (Baguio City), Annabelle Catimbang (Camarines Sur), John Paul Maunes and Fr. Peter Miles Sollestas, PMS (Cebu)and Rossana Villanueva (Zamboanga City).

    PNASLI is a unifying national association of sign language interpreters and deaf relay interpreters with members from all over the Philippines aiming towards the professionalization of sign language interpreting in the country and ensuring that there is full access to the Deaf throughout the country through quality interpreting with its vision-mission of upholding the highest standards of sign language interpreting profession in the Philippines for the best interest of sign language interpreters and the Deaf in need of access to information and services.

    As a unifying body, interpreters are put on the highest standards, thus observing the PNASLI COE: PROFESSIONALISM, NON-DISCRIMINATION, ACCURACY, SINCERITY, LOYALTY, IMPARTIALITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, ORDER, DISCRETION, EDUCATION (Continuing Education).

    May 19, 2012, on its second year, PNASLI held another general assembly meeting and election of officers with the theme "LEVEL UP! TAKING PROFESSIONALIZATION OF SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS IN THE PHILIPPINES TO THE NEXT LEVEL". It was attended by sign language interpreters, deaf/hearing members and representatives. A new set of officers was elected, with Mr. Celada still elected as PNASLI President on his 2nd term. The new set of officers are the following: Marie Therese Bustos, Natividad Natividad, John Xander Baliza, Jun Jun Sevilla, Liza Presnillo, Reiner Blas, Yvette Bernardo, Rey Alfred Lee (Hearing & Deaf Board Members) Raphael Domingo, Mackie Calbay, Myra Medrana, (Deaf Advisory Council Members), Rossana Villanueva, Jennel Cheng, Emner Palma, Demelyn Chato, and Hilton John Edrial (Cluster Coordinators).

    PNASLI representatives at the general assembly
    PNASLI representatives at the general assembly

    As what Mr. Celada says, "One must have a keen interest to learn sign language, having in mind the goal to serve the deaf with much patience, dedication, commitment and open mindedness".

    But, we don’t stop here. The journey of living this advocacy continues. With dedication, commitment and great value for service one will continue to flourish. Together, as an association, with a common vision-mission, with sign language interpreting being a profession, all Filipino sign language interpreters will always have a great place in this country and the world. We can do great things. In our hands, lies the power to share.

  • PAIDE: "INFINITY @ 16" – A Concert in Sign Language 6

    The Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE) will once again showcase its sign language interpreters' talent on December 16, 2012 to be staged at the Philam Life Theater, United Nations, Avenue, Manila. This is PAIDE's 6th Concert in Sign Language coincides its 16th founding anniversary as sign language training institution in the Philippines.

    PAIDE: INFINITY @ 16 – A Concert in Sign Language 6
    PAIDE: "INFINITY @ 16" – A Concert in Sign Language 6

    The following sign language interpreters have pledged their participation and support for the success of the concert. Namely: Sonia Lodado; Judith Ruperto; Emelie Gentalian; Antonette Padilla; Nemia Abiday; Vivian Hipolito; Criselda Sabayan; Ludina Manalastas; Dean Carsula; Je-Ann Villanueva; Ronald Santos; Marlon Palma; Joffrey Ortanez; Christian Celada; Leonora Vizoro; Carlo Anonuevo; Rosalynn Garcia; Priscilla Roxas; Emlou Vargas; Bridgette Pereyra; Marlyn Palce; Genelyn Salmorin; Manuel Celada II, Margaret Lorraine Delos Santos; Maureen Aguilar; Jun Celada and Michael Potian who will also serve as the concert director.

    Expect another superb performance from PAIDE Performing Artists together with surprise guest artists.

    This concert is a fund-raising project of PAIDE for 2012 and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Foundation for Disadvantaged Children.

    Sponsors and donors are most welcome. For details you may contact us at Tel. 534-5512. Thank you.


    Filipino Sign Language (FSL), is the national deaf sign language of the Philippines and is now included in the Sign Language Training Curriculum of PAIDE. FSL is believed to be part of the French Sign Language family and has been strongly influenced by American Sign Language.

    Inclusion of the said FSL was made possible thru the help and participation of Ms. Catherine Joy Patriarca as one of PAIDE's sign language trainers. CJ, a deaf and an FSL advocator is in-charge of the FSL training here at the Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment. She will also be joining our roster of facilitators for "SIGN-LAB" with the objective of enhancing the interpreting skills of PAIDE sign language interpreters both in expressive and receptive.

    CJ was welcomed last June 29, 2012 by PAIDE CEO, Sir Jun Celada in a meeting with PAIDE Sign Language Trainers: Ms. Sonia Lodado; Mr. Michael Potian, Ms. Nemia Abiday and the Deaf Evaluators: Cristy Rivero, Welsh Lozano and Benjie Calatrava.

    FSL will be first introduced on the following dates: June 30 and July 7, 2012 in Basic 2 class; July 14 and 28 in Intermediate class; August 4 and 11 in Prep. to Interpreting class and August 18 and 25 in the Interpreting class for this season and will definitely be offered as a course in the succeeding years.

    Our warmest welcome to you CJ and the FSL...

  • Assessment and Interpreters' Training Workshop In Malaysia

    Right: Mr. Michael S. Potian at the Interpreters' Assessment in Malaysia
    Right: Mr. Michael S. Potian for the Interpreters' Assessment in Malaysia

    Mr. Michael S. Potian, PAIDE S-L Training Officer had his second time to visit Malaysia not for a pleasure trip but for another sign language interpreters' skills assessment and educational interpreting workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The very first one was November 4 and 5 of 2011 wherein he administered interpreter skills assessment to 10 sign language interpreters. The second time was last May 25 for 3 sign language interpreters who joined the 1st ever series of interpreters' training program last May 26 and 27 under the Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE) and the RC Deaf Missions Malaysia.

    Assisted him during the assessment was RC Deaf Missions Malaysia Evaluation team spearheaded by Ms. Agnes Peter, the Director of RCDMM together with the 2 deaf evaluators namely: Low Chai Yun and Susie Ng.

    For the 1st weekend of the 4 weekend' series of the interpreters' training workshop, Mr. Potian presented thru power point, lectures on deaf awareness; history of sign language and workshops in fingerspelling techniques; song interpretation and educational interpreting. Both Low Chai Yun and Susie Ng and another 2 deaf RCDMM staff participated in the 2-day training workshop with 8 other interpreter-participants.

    Malaysian Interpreters
    Malaysian Interpreters

    Ms. Agnes Peter had this to say: "I believe our participants benefitted much from the teachings. The fingerspelling techniques were most useful. They are all looking forward to next training in September. Thank you very much. This training is excellent" (sent thru e-mail dated June 4, 2012).

    In behalf of PAIDE community, I congratulate you Mr. Michael Potian for a job well done! More to come...

  • Basic Sign Language Class At CAA National High School

    PAIDE Sign Language Training officers and staff members of Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) National High School
    PAIDE Sign Language Training officers and staff members of Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) National High School

    Fresh from the very successful sign language training orientation and deaf awareness held at JACAH Resort last February, Sir Ric de los Santos, the principal of Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) National High School requested PAIDE to have the Basic Sign Language course be offered in CAA National High School in preparation for the opening of SPED deaf class this school year.

    Mr. Michael Potian, PAIDE Sign Language Training Officer was tasked to conduct the Basic 1 Sign Language training program to 25 faculty and staff members from March 12 – April 21, 2012. The whole day of April 21 was scheduled for sign language evaluation in the morning and the culminating program in the afternoon.

    PAIDE team once again gave their full support to the sign language training program conducted outside of PAIDE training center. Ms. Cristy Rivero, Mr. Welsh Lozano, Mr. Benjie Calatrava, Mr. Ronald Subiaga and Ms. Judith Ruperto evaluated the trainees for their song interpretation while Ms. Sonia Lodado, Ms. Nemz Abiday and Sir Jun Celada evaluated the trainees their signing skill.

    The culminating program started at 2:00 in the afternoon. The school's guidance counselor, Mrs. Melania Gogorza delivered her welcome message which was interpreted in sign language by Mr. Vincent Erispe, one of the trainees. Masters of Ceremony for the program was Ms. Nemz Abiday and Mr. Michael Potian. Trainees who passed the sign language evaluation with flying colors presented their song interpretation. All trainee-participants received their Basic 1 sign language course certificate of completion.

    Mr. Mike and Ms. Judith delighted the audience with their performances of love songs in sign language. Sir Jun gave his closing message and encouraged the basic 1 trainees to continue learning and loving the language of the deaf.

    Everybody was treated with a sumptuous snack right after the program.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Training for the Deaf?

    Yes! It was made possible thru the collaborative effort of PAIDE and the USAR-Unified Search and Rescue Academy.

    Disaster Risk Reduction is the concept and practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to analyze and reduce the causal factors of disasters. Reducing exposure to hazards, lessening vulnerability of people and property, wise management of land and the environment, and improving preparedness for adverse events are all examples of disaster risk reduction.

    Participants in the Disaster Risk Reduction Training for the Deaf
    Participants in the Disaster Risk Reduction Training for the Deaf

    Four adult deaf leaders namely: Cristy Rivero; Ivy Pearly Buray; Muffy Gaya and Benjie Calatrava had the time of their lives to be trained by highly skilled officers of USAR-Unified Search and Rescue Academy. They were trained in environmental survival; water safety; bandaging; methods to carry; spine board management with splinting and safety line camp out. Sir Jun Celada served as their interpreter for the 2 day training held at JACAH Resort in Alfonso, Cavite on February 18 and 19, 2012.

    These four deaf leaders had expressed their gratefulness for the sponsorship provided by PAIDE and USAR-Unified Search and Rescue Academy for the disaster risk reduction training. They were very grateful to be given this rare opportunity to take the challenge of what other normal hearing persons can do. The training gave them much confidence that they can also be of great help to their fellow deaf and hearing counterparts.

    Once again, it was been proven that "deafness is a challenge and not a hindrance".

    Cheers to Cristy; Ivy; Muffy and Benjie!

  • PAIDE Sign Language Camp Out

    Last February 18 and 19 of this year at JACAH Resort in Alfonso, Cavite the Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment was invited to give orientation and the basic of signs to the faculty and staff of Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) National High School of Las Pinas City.

    Mr. Jun Celada, PAIDE CEO, gave his welcome remarks and introduced his team members spearheaded by Mr. Michael Potian, the Sign Language Training Officer of PAIDE; Ms. Sonia Lodado; Ms. Emelie Gentalian and Ms. Nemia Abiday.

    Jun Celada, PAIDE CEO, left, and Michael Potian, Sign Language Training Officer,
												  giving a presentation to participants at the camp out
    Jun Celada, PAIDE CEO, left, and Michael Potian, Sign Language Training Officer, giving a presentation to participants at the camp out

    PAIDE as sign language training institution in the Philippines was introduced to the participants by Mr. Potian. Orientation and overview of the 2 day sign language program and deaf awareness followed. Ms. Gentalian taught the participants the manual alphabet; members of the family and song interpretation of "Lupang Hinirang".

    Ms. Lodado discussed the causes and prevention of deafness and strategies in teaching the deaf. Ms. Abiday presented numbers, colors and shapes with matching music/videos; another song interpretation, "My Valentine" and prepared "ice breakers" for the morning and afternoon sessions.

    Sir Jun; Ms. Sonia and Ms. Emelie took turns to interpret for the deaf evaluators: Cristy Rivero; Ivy Pearly Buray; Muffy Gaya and Benjie Calatrava.

    For day 2, participants had the recap of the 1st day's lesson/activity and were later given evaluation of sign language thru written exercises.

    It was a very successful event attended by 16 participants together with their school principal, Mr. Ricardo B. Delos Santos and Mrs. Amelia S. Lacsamana, the school division supervisor.

    Thumbs up PAIDE Trainers and Evaluators! We're going places...