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PAIDE News and Events 2010

  • 4th Meeting of Sign Language Interpreters in Asia and the Pacific

    By Mikechel S. Potian

    The 4th Meeting of Sign Language Interpreters in Asia was held during the 22nd World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat in Asia and the Pacific Representatives Meeting last Nov. 26 and 27, 2010 at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) in Tagaytay City, Philippines.

    Present during the WASLI meeting were delegates from Japan: Emiko Ichikawa, WASLI Asian Representative, NRASLI; Etsuko Umemoto, Chair, NRASLI; Eiko Ogura, JASLI; Tomoki Hayashi, recorder, JASLI; Masafumi Kawazoe and Chikae Nagasaki, J/E interpreter, NRASLI, South Korea: Beo Do Won, Won Tae-yeon and Kim Kun Youn, K/E interpreter, Hong Kong: Mindy Lai Man Chung and Leung Pui-Sum, Macau: Nerissa Lau Sutman, Indonesia: Pingkan C. R. Warouw, Nepal: Laxmi Devkota, Philippines: Michael S. Potian and Alfredo D. Celada, Jr. and Malaysia: Goh Soo Leng.

    Being one of the founding members of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI), PAIDE was fortunate to have our very own Chief Executive Officer, Alfredo "JUN" Celada, Jr. and our Sign Language Training Officer, Michael "MIKE" Potian to join the WASLI group as panelists representing the Philippines.

    Emiko Ichikawa gave her opening remarks and presented her report on WASLI Board Meeting. She acknowledged all the delegates and observers in the session hall. Delegates of each country took turns in introducing themselves and proceeded with their report on the situation of sign language interpreters in their country.

    Sir Jun reported the following:

    • Accreditation of sign language interpreters
    • Sign Language being used in the Philippines
    • Country's spoken language
    • Magna Carta for Disabled Persons
    • Interpreter Training Program in the Philippines
    • Testing and Accreditation system for qualified sign language interpreters
    • Standard Rates for Sign Language Interpreting service
    • Association of Sign Language Interpreters
    • Full-time Sign Language Interpreters

    Before the 1st session (Nov. 26) ended, the country representatives had their election for WASLI Asian Representative and luckily, Japan won its seat again.

    A workshop on "Respect for Initiatives of Deaf People" was facilitated by Masafumi Kawazoe, J/E interpreter, NRASLI on the 27th.

    The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) encouraged all Asian countries to do the following:

    WASLI encouraged all Asian countries to establish an organization of sign language interpreters and network with other sign language interpreters.

  • Golden Hands - Shining to Inspire and Lead

    By Nemz H. Abiday

    Our world right now is an ever changing landscape. As a part of this, we continue to grow and evolve. It is in our very hands that we can mold our future as well as bring change to our ordinary lives and those of simple individuals. As instruments of change, we can show and remind everyone that ordinary people can make a difference not only in this country but the world as well.

    2010 Golden Hands Awardees
    The PAIDE Golden Hands Awardees for 2010

    For the second time, the Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE) has continually recognized and honored the competence and proficiency of outstanding Filipino Sign Language interpreters who have professionally and dedicatedly served the Deaf or hearing impaired for 15 years or more until now via the Golden Hands Award. It is possible through the guidance and headship of Mr. Alfredo D. Celada Jr., CEO with the support and assistance of the Board of trustees and PAIDE interpreters. The 2nd Golden Hands Award was held on May 02, 2010 at Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City. It was attended by some of the first batch awardees. Mr. Julius G. Andrada, the Vice-President of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf Inc. (PFD) was the special guest speaker. Representatives from the different Deaf groups and organizations in the country and some of PAIDE's deaf friends were also present. The recipients of the 2nd Golden Hands Awardees namely are: Arturo Verzola Abrena Jr., Rhodora Pamaran Brouillette, Annabelle Sabordo, Linda Villacorta Colindres, Remberto Indita Esposa, Jr, Olivia Marcellana Lintag, Ma. Isabelita Valencia, Ricardo Balan De Los Santos, Belen M. Herreros.

    A dream became a reality to these special people who have served the Deaf in various fields for countless years. These Golden Hands awardees are special breed of people. Special in a way because they have proven that it doesn't take for an individual to have a high position to serve others. They have shown us the true value of service, commitment, dedication to one's craft, fortitude and indefatigable spirit. Most of all, they have shown us what "Agape" love is. Love that is not confined within them, not confined within their family but love that encompasses their fellowmen. From now then on, these "Golden Hands" we possess will continuously and globally shine, inspire, guide and lead any Deaf or hard of hearing or even the hearing individuals into a better and brighter future.

    The Golden Hands Award inspires us to celebrate both the profession of the Sign Language Interpreters as well as the language. May these wonderful people continue to inspire our generation and the next generations of sign language interpreters to come. Mabuhay to PAIDE and to all Filipino Sign Language Interpreters.