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PAIDE News and Events 2005

  • No Greater Gift. . . . Than Love

    By Nemz H. Abiday

    One of the most popular Christmas traditions we Filipinos love is gift-giving. During Christmas everyone tries his/her best to give something to his/her friends or love ones through a simple prayer, a Christmas card or a gift to show how he/she feels or appreciate the other person. The PAIDE family, having been known for its humble service and generosity, has also developed a tradition of sharing and giving during Christmas.

    Last December 11, 2005 , our group (Sir Jun, Ms. Letty, Teacher Mike, Emelie, Judith, Eva Marie, Irene, and me) joined and celebrated Christmas with the Deaf Community in Antipolo City. A group of deaf church goers (Zeny, Patrick, Nelson. .) from the Edsa Shrine came and joined us too. The party was held at the University of Rizal System covered court in Antipolo City after the 10:00 a.m. Mass at Antipolo Cathedral. It was organized by their moderator-teacher, Sr. Angie Enriquez with the cooperation of the parents and the deaf as well. It was quite a big group of deaf individuals and their respective families. We also brought our share there. They were very happy to see us. Our presence really meant a lot for them and we could see it from the smiles on their faces.

    We interpreters, together with the older deaf boys facilitated the games. We played games like "Fly, Fly the Butterfly; Samson and Delilah; Beinte Singko, Piso. . ." and a lot more. There were many surprises in stored for them especially for the younger deaf kids. They were very happy and excited every time they received prizes for winning a game. No one was empty handed that day.

    Lunch followed after the games. It was a very bountiful lunch. Almost everybody brought their share for the party. The spirit of sharing and giving was really felt and observed by everyone present there. Our group left after the meal to attend Mass and another Christmas party of Catholic Layman's Association of the Deaf (CLAD) in Concepcion , Marikina City . We don't mind going party hopping for a good cause. Indeed, Christmas must be celebrated and shared with everyone. As the song goes "Give love on Christmas day. No greater gift is there than Love".

  • Mission Accomplished for 2005

    By Christian F. Celada

    PAIDE provided sign language interpreters for another year to Persons With Disabilities. Last year's celebration was held on December 4, 2005 at the Don Bosco Institute of Technology in Makati City . The celebration started with an Ecumenical Mass followed simultaneously by the Christmas program; gift giving and the medical and dental services. The theme for the celebration was "Together to Get There Year VI".

    Hundreds of persons with disabilities filled the quadrangle of Don Bosco to avail of the free medical and dental services offered by Archdiocese of Manila Office for Persons With Disabilities Ministries (AMO-PDM).

    PAIDE volunteer interpreters were tasked to provide interpreting services to our Deaf brothers and sisters seeking medical and dental attention. Some of the interpreters were also assigned in the story telling sessions for Deaf children.

    It was also a baptism of fire to our neophyte interpreters who were given their first hands in medical interpreting jobs. Congratulations to you Ron and Ton-Ton. More interpreting jobs to come on your way!

    The sign language interpreters who gave their full support to this mission were Sonia Lodado; Michael Potian; Ma. Antonette Padilla; Criselda Sabayan; Marina Francisco; Nemz Abiday; Dr. Cathy Tuazon; Eva Eva; Ronald Santos; Sir Jun Celada and Ma'am Letty Uy.