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  • PAIDE News and Events 2004

    Christmas . . . .

    By Nemz H. Abiday

    To celebrate the spirit of sharing, we RIDE interpreters joined two separate Christmas parties last December 19, 2004 with deaf friends from Antipolo City and Marikina City respectively. In the morning we joined the Antipolo group headed by its moderator, teacher Angie Enriquez. The party was held at the Daughters' of St. Anne Convent in Cubao, Quezon City . The sisters of the convent headed by Sr. Severina Loria, DSA sponsored the party.

    The event aimed to gather deaf and other adopted children of the convent to build camaraderie, foster friendship with one another, and to experience the joyous spirit of Christmas.

    The whole day affair started with a mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Dennis Soriano. It was followed by a "salu-salo" where everybody shared their food. Various games and activities for the deaf were facilitated by RIDERS. We were so exhausted, but it was really amusing and fascinating watching those children enjoying themselves and having great fun regardless of their handicap.

    Before leaving for Marikina , we also left our gifts for the deaf community of Antipolo through teacher Angie.

    We arrived at Conception parish in Marikina just right on time for the 5 o'clock p.m. mass. After the mass, we all went to the Parish Multi-Purpose Hall for the party.

    There we had another "salu-salo", which was followed by a series of games for the deaf. We facilitated the whole event through the help of Catholic Layman Association of the Deaf moderator, Mr. Rick Quing. We were able to shower them with prizes and gifts given by RIDE's generous sponsors and donors.

    No matter how simple and traditional the party was, we were able to share our time and support. We were able to bring them joy and fun during the party. But, most importantly, we were there to show them that a handicap is not a hindrance into one's happiness in life and that… LOVE is the real meaning of Christmas!

  • RIDE Extends Services to Persons with Disabilities

    By Ludy Manalastas

    Makati City- RIDE CEO Alfredo Celada Jr together with RIDE's Registered Sign Language Interpreters recently participated in the celebration of Persons With Disabilities Day (PWD) held at San Carlos Seminary in Makati City last Sunday, December 5, 2004. This outreach program was under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Manila in cooperation with Caritas Manila. Participants came from various SPED Schools, NGO's and other institutions catering to the marginalized sector of the society. This year's theme "Pinoy na may Kapansanan, Kapuso at Kapamilya kay Kristo" aptly described how the society should treat the differently abled as members of the Christian community.

    Children and adults with hearing impairment, visual impairment, down syndrome, autistic, mental retardation, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities actively participated in the Eucharistic celebration, program, games, arts, and story-telling sessions.

    Aside from these activities, there was also a medical mission. The free medical, dental, ENT check-up was made possible with the participation of the volunteer doctors, specialists and other professionals directly involved in the medical mission. Since there were a lot of participants with hearing impairment, the assistance of sign language interpreters was really needed. RIDE Sign Language Interpreters were assigned in the medical mission. The interpreters assisted in the registration, medical check-up, dental services, audiological services, ENT services, and in the distribution of medicines. It was really a challenge specially for the new interpreters to assist the deaf in relaying the messages to the doctors; and vice-versa, conveying to the deaf the doctors' prognosis/diagnosis.

    Kudos to Sir Jun who painstakingly coordinated with Ms. Elisa and Ms. Pam of AMO PDM, the persons in-charge of the event in accommodating and assisting the RIDE interpreters. The interpreters who were present namely, Ma'am Letty Uy, Ma'am Sonia, Teacher Mike Potian, Emelie Gentalian, Heddy Casanas, Judith Delgado, Chris Sabayan, Ina Francisco, Ludy Manalastas, Cynthia Lopez, Nemia Abiday, Bing Hipolito, Ma'am Eva R. Eva, and Dra. Catherine Tuazon performed their assigned tasks to the best of their skills and abilities.

    It was another learning experience for the interpreters to interact and have a hands-on exposure in medical sign language interpreting. This was the second time that RIDE Interpreters has joined a medical mission. It was not only a fulfilling activity but also a rewarding experience for the interpreters to be of service to our brothers and sisters with different handicapping conditions. We can proudly say that RIDE is always ready, willing, and able to lend a helping hand should sign language interpreting services are needed. Supporting activities and rendering services to the differently- abled members of our society is indeed a Christian virtue which we should develop among ourselves.

  • God's Gift of Creativity

    By Bing Hipolito

    I am grateful to God that I am able to make good use of my gifts, enjoy my work, earn my living, and also be of service to others especially to the deaf community.

    It was last September 25, 2004 when Sir Jun Celada inspired us to participate and assist in an Art Workshop called SOUND OF STROKES for the Hearing Impaired and Mute Children held at ISSI Auditorium, University of the Philippines , Diliman, Quezon City . It was a project by the UP Special Education Council in cooperation with Art Play Children's Creative Center and Deaf Links. RIDE provided the Sign Language Interpreters. The event was very successful.

    At first, I was hesitant to volunteer for the reason that I am a neophyte in this field. But with my enthusiasm as my greatest asset, I joined the challenge to get more exposure and enhance my skills in sign language interpreting. I missed the times when I used to teach Art Classes at Batino Elementary School a decade ago. I believe that if there is something God wants us to do and accomplish, He will surely equip us with knowledge and skills to perform the assigned task.

    I was paired with Emelie Gentalian, a seasoned and experienced sign language interpreter. She has great charisma with the kids. I enjoyed watching Emelie making "kulit" with them. I have also seen God's creativity with these special children while they were doing their drawings. I was moved by their desire and love for art as they did their finest work of Art. Looking back when I was a kid like them, It was the same feeling I had felt when I was girl who loved to draw not knowing that God has given me a great gift in Art. These experiences mad my life very colorful and exciting.

    I am proud to say that we from RIDE, care deeply about what we do regardless of how talented or skilled we may be. Our pleasure is never complete as when our work touches other people. I would like to commend Sir Jun for his undying support and dedication to help us boost our confidence and continue moving forward to become competent Sign Language Interpreters.

  • RIDE EMBARKS ON NEW HEIGHTS: 1st Skills Enhancement Seminar for Registered Sign Language Interpreters

    By Cynthia P. Lopez

    Fresh from the 1 st Skills Enhancement Seminar for Certified SL Interpreters, RIDE had finally embarked on its mission and vision to produce highly qualified SL Interpreters in the country. Were you one of those who had apprehensions after you receive your Certificate as Certified Sign language Interpreter? Worry not because RIDE does not stop to give continued services to its graduates. In fact, RIDE had been very busy lately with a lot of commitments with the different Deaf Agencies who need Interpreting Services. These activities gave exposures and skills training to better improve the competency of its pool of Certified SL Interpreters.

    Conference Topics include: Settings for Interpretation ( Educational, Medical, Mental Health and Legal Settings); Interpreter's Skills and Competencies; Filipino Sign Language (FSL), Sign-to-Voice & Voice-to-Sign Interpreting; Be Natural: A Glimpse of Meaning- Based Signing. The Facilitators, composed of very competent and experienced deaf advocates include Alfredo Celada Jr, RIDE CEO; Michael S. Potian, Ma. Teresa Buenaventura, Joy Cristal and Lily Pardo. It was always a different experience to be a part of this team. All the participants benefited a lot from these seminar workshops.

    The seminar was designed to give continued exposure in Sign Language Interpreting. As the seminar progressed, it had given us the participants a deeper sense of commitment to become true advocates of the deaf community. Our understanding of the Deaf Culture also widened. It had given us the opportunity to understand better, a person with hearing impairment.

    Apart from the rigorous trainings and workshops, of course we enjoyed the camaraderie arising from the group. With the "pasaways" like Emelie, Irene, Bubby, Nemz and Cris in the group, there was never a dull moment. Well, we all had pieces of entertainment, laughter, and angelic moments especially when Lily Pardo was the facilitator. Somewhat, we were tamed at some point, but still we were able to get away from her strictness by laughing it off after the session. WE love you Lily. We indeed learned a lot not only from you but from all our facilitators.

    For those of you who have missed this seminar workshop, worry not because, it will still be offered in the near future. Do not miss the chance of attending this workshop because it will definitely change your perspective about being a Committed Sign Language Interpreter and as a person serving the Deaf Community. As Miss Tess Buenaventura and Joy Cristal said, it took them more than a decade to have finally understood the deaf. They did it by being committed and dedicated to their mission and vocation of serving the deaf. Kudos to all of you for enlightening us and for opening our eyes to the deaf World.

    As part of its culminating event, the participants did a mini concert to showcase their talents in the performing arts during the Culminating Program last September 11, 2004 at Angels Institute of Learning. Ride is not only known for its competent and dedicated SL interpreters, but also as great performing artists. Once again. Congratulations RIDE for this worthy endeavor. Expect more in the future.

  • Sign Language Courses for Parents 2

    By Michael S. Potian

    The Registry of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (RIDE) opens for the second time its special Sign Language Courses to parents of deaf students of its sister school, the Angeli Dei Schools.

    Four parents of deaf children from preschool enrolled the Basic 1 Class under my strict supervision. These very enthusiastic parents are none other than Mrs. Elizabeth Gonzales, Mrs. Jocelyn Lim and Mr. & Mrs. Gladwyn and Dolly Gutierrez. The class started last July 21, 2004 and culminated in October of the same year. They were evaluated by Sir Jun Celada, RIDE's Chief Executive Officer.

    For their Basic 2 class, these same parents, except for Mr. Gutierrez were joined by Mrs. Angela Olivarez. Mr. Gilberto Ferrer, Jr. is currently taking up his Basic 1 Tutorial Class under Sir Jun Celada during Wednesdays while Mrs. Carolina Domingo joined the regular Basic 1 class scheduled every Saturday together with Mrs. Angela Olivarez who also enrolled to refresh her Basic signs.

    To all the parents struggling to learn the language of their beloved children, may you continue to be our partners in deaf advocacy!

  • RIDE Around the Globe: A Concert in Sign Language 3

    By Cynthia P. Lopez

    My sincerest greetings to the Registry of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment as you stage a concert dubbed as "RIDE Around the Globe – A Concert in Sign Language 3" on February 28, 2004 at the Philam Life Theater. I extol RIDE's unwavering commitment to train and produce competent and qualified sign language interpreters in various fields to serve as the voice for the hearing-impaired and deaf individuals. Indeed, your contribution to their welfare and development is indispensable. Moreover, you have made possible the breaking of the communication barrier between the hearing and the deaf. Truly, you deserve our people's highest commendation and recognition. As you all gather and offer your skills to provide quality entertainment to the hearing-impaired, allow me to thank you for having the City of Manila as your venue of choice. I welcome all your guests and special friends, all of whom so generously offer their time and resources to further your worthy cause. The people of Manila hope for the success of this milestone event. As Father of the City, I pray that the Almighty continue to bless your works generously as only He could and that it be filled with LOVE: a language that needs no interpretation. MABUHAY ang RIDE!

    ~ JOSE L. ATIENZA, JR., Manila Mayor

    The Registry of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment continues its commitment of providing services to the deaf and the hearing community when it staged a very successful concert on February 28, 2004 at the Philamlife Theater, United Nations Ave. in the City of Manila.

    Sign Language is definitely a universal language among our deaf brothers and sisters. Thus, conceptualizing a concert in sign language is original concepts, which RIDE has painstakingly created to give entertainment to both the hearing and the Deaf.

    Dubbed as "RIDE Around the Globe - A Concert in Sign Language 3". This was already the third concert produced by RIDE which aimed to raise funds for RIDE and for the Foundation for Disadvantaged Children, Inc. (FDC), a non profit foundation that gives scholarship to special children.

    RIDE's registered sign language interpreters and resident artists poured out their sweat and blood in making the concert a successful one. With Michael Potian at the helm, the audience was all enthralled with the performances. Young actress/singer Karylle of GMA Channel 7, the MAUI Boyz , the GAIL Sign Choir and the Power Appeal Boyz were the special guests.

    The audience were up on the their seats from beginning to end as they watch the big production numbers as they unfolded on stage. The likes of "Let's Get Loud", "Manila", "I Will Follow Him", "Nothing Else Matters", "Mister Suave", "Walk Like an Egyptian", and "Together Again" were well applauded.

    Not to forget the solo performance of Maureen Caigoy as "Evita" which moved the audience and herself to tears. Direk Mike and Maureen transported the audience to a magical world when they performed "A Whole New World" from the movie Aladdin. The audience also journeyed around the globe through the different songs and dance interpretations. The numbers like "Turning Japanese", "Cha Cha Cha", "Can't Stop the Music", "Pearly Shells", "On Ne S'aimera Plus Jamais" really entertained the crowd. They were also impressed by the performances and the colorful costumes of the Shigners who interpreted the songs "I Feel the Earth Move and Gotta Pull" by the Nolans. The solo performances of Vanessa Israel, Emelie Gentalian, Judith Delgado and Maureen Caigoy really showcased the exemplary talents as RIDE's sign language performers. Who would forget Sir Jun Celada and Ma'am Letty Uy who gamely entertained and delighted the audience with their great performances?

    It was indeed a successful night for RIDE Performers. It was well attended by the different Deaf Agencies and Organizations, family, friends, colleagues, guests and sponsors.

    Kudos to the organizers and the people behind this very successful concert. We are looking forward for more concerts in the future…GO!GO! RIDE!!!!!!

  • RIDERS Grace Wedding

    By Christian F. Celada

    Right after the long Christmas break, RIDE received an e-mail from Ms. Ginny Nyholm of California, USA requesting sign language interpreters for his deaf brother who will be attending a wedding here in the Philippines.

    Series of communications went on thru e-mails and everything was settled for the confirmation of the interpreting service RIDE may provide.

    Mr. Michael S. Potian and Ms. May T. Cabutihan, two of RIDE's competent sign language interpreters were assigned to be the official interpreters to Mr. Mike Paja, a Deaf client from California USA who arrived last January 5 to attend the wedding of his cousin. Mr. Paja is the best man of the groom, a medical doctor.

    The wedding took place on January 6 at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, San Antonio Village and the reception followed immediately at the Shangri-la Hotel, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Mr. Potian served as the interpreter for the wedding rites and alternated with Ms. Cabutihan for the interpreting at the reception.

    Congratulations to both of you! Keep up the good work and be ready for the future assignments!