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PAIDE Mission and Vision

The mission of the Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE) is to provide quality and accurate sign language interpretation in all transactions involving Deaf persons. We shall accomplish this Mission by means of training highly effective and capable sign language interpreters that would break the language barrier existing between the Hearing and the Deaf.

It shall serve as a National Agency serving the Deaf community in the Philippines in general and the various sectors empowering the Deaf community in particular.

Sign Language Training Objectives:

  • To increase the quality of sign language services for the Deaf through intensive training, clear innovative teaching methodologies and concise practice of code of ethics in various fields of interpreting services.
  • To assist people providing the services to have a meaningful session with the Deaf so as to reach the highest percentage possible in providing accurate information to the Deaf clientele and even at times to the interest of the Hearing public as well.
  • To propagate to the Hearing community the importance of deaf culture so as to strengthen their accessibility in the mainstream of society and lobby for their legal rights so they will be of equal footing with their Hearing counterparts.