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PAIDE Sign Language Interpreter's Code of Ethics


The Interpreter shall practice professionalism at all times. Shall function in a manner appropriate to all interpreting situations.


The Interpreter shall render the message faithfully, always conveying the content of the message and the spirit of the speaker, using language most readily understood by those whom he serves.


The Interpreter shall not advise, counsel or interject personal opinions.


The Interpreter shall develop exemplary discretion which is beneficial to the organization, to him and the client being served with regards to skill and interpreting setting.


The Interpreter shall request compensation for interpreting services in a professional and judicious manner.


The Interpreter shall keep all assignment-related information strictly confidential.

ACCOUNTABILITY (through certification)

The Interpreter, by virtue of membership in or certification by PAIDE, Inc. shall strive to maintain high professional standards in compliance with the Code of Ethics.


The Interpreter shall render professional service with respect and sensitivity to all his clients. There shall be no discrimination.

EDUCATION (continuing education)

The Interpreter shall update himself with the dynamisms of the language being interpreted and must therefore strive to participate in all professional endeavors available in the field.


Interpreter shall deal with honesty, veracity and fairness to all his clients, his colleagues and the institution he is representing at all times.


The interpreter shall ascend the ladder of skills development in all fields of interpreting by merit.


The Interpreter shall not limit himself by differences of culture and tradition and therefore must be open to all cultural dimensions.


The Interpreter shall not be fearful nor anxious about any novel interpreting situation required and requested of him.


The Interpreter shall be willing to work well with other interpreters and other individuals who work for and within the deaf community.